Empress Up Close & Personal

No. 1 | So yall, what exactly is vaginal steaming?   Vaginal Steaming is the mixing of medicinal herbs and hot water to create a healing steam bath that you can sit over. The healing steam is absorbed through vaginal tissues allowing medicinal herbs to enter the bloodstream. Common names for vaginal steaming are: yoni steam, v-steam, bajos, and chai yok.

No. 2 | How has steaming helped you with womb healing and in general as a self-care practice?

I’ve had some major health issues in the past year and  I attribute my recovery to steaming. I was suffering every cycle until one day I went to the E.R. I was diagnosed as having blood clots and cysts on my left fallopian tubes. At the age of 33 I was prescribed Warifin an anti-coagulate aka blood thinner. For 6 months I had to endure painful shots with needles on both sides of my torso twice a day. Once in the morning and anther in the evening. I was told not to even think about having another baby and that they had no idea how it happened. More recently I returned to ER for gross hematuria (blood in the urine) again causes unknown I endured a cystoscopy (camera in the urethra) and two weeks of bright red urine. Needless to say my body was not being treated like the Empress that I knew lived within me. I attribute my once failing health to stress and diet.

Steaming has raised my self awareness. I am much more concerned about what I consume, products I use etc…Steaming has increased intimacy in my marriage, it has created a way for me to do something healthy for my body and most importantly its RELAXING! It [steaming] has just brought awareness to my health habits and I am beginning the journey of wellness with steaming as part of my self care regimen. My periods were very painful. Now they are much more pleasant. Plus I steam into my period versus waiting for it to show up I welcome her in calmly. I also steam after my periods. And currently. I do not have the clots or cysts. I am working on steaming to increase fertility now and I forgot to include steaming helps with blood circulation.

No. 3 | You kind of answered this already, but why are you passionate about this type of business?

We wanted to start a business where we could help other women maintain a healthy lifestyle that is well balanced. We wanted to create something that would bring women together in unity. We pride ourselves on empowering and uplifting women starting from within. V Steams provide an opportunity for self-care routines and womanhood.

No. 4 | I know ya’ll get some crazy questions around this. what are some of the craziest questions you get asked about v steams?

A. Does it hurt/burn?

No, absolutely not. A  V-Steam should feel warm and relaxing. The temperature of the steam is determined by the client.

B. Why can’t I steam with my pregnancy or IUD?

Steaming can cause the cervix to open. Having an open cervix during pregnancy can cause preterm labor. An open cervix with an IUD can interfere with the reliability of your contraceptive.

C. Can I smell others or can others smell me while steaming?

No, you mostly smell the aroma of the herbs used in the steam (Examples: rosemary, lavender etc…).

D. Is anything inserted into the body?

No. Steaming is a non invasive process using heat, steam and medicinal herbs.

E. When can I not steam and/or what will be required of me? You must be 18 + and provide ID. We do not steam women who are pregnant, currently on their menstrual cycle or women with an IUD. You must also sign a consent form before service.

No. 5 | What can a client expect before, during and after their v steam? Before it is advised that a client comes prepared to undress from the waist down. Dress comfortably. Please remove any genital piercings and adhere to the strict guidelines of no pregnancy, no cycle, no IUD. Insulated wraps will be provided to keep clients covered. Clients can expect to remain seated for up to 30 minutes during the steaming process.

During the V-Steam you will be in an intimate setting with an enclosed seating arrangement. Feel free to adjust yourself or your wrap during the session. A mixture of herbs will be brewed. The dried herbs are selected for their medicinal properties. (Each of our signature blends includes red raspberry leaves which are well known for their powerful and natural health benefits for the female reproductive system). The herbal blend is mixed with hot water, poured into a metal basin and placed under your yoni steam seat. The steam should never be scalding hot, just warm.

While you steam we recommend a no cell phone usage policy. As cell phones can be a huge distraction from the most important reason for doing a yoni steam…YOU! Use the time to focus on replenishing yourself! Afterwards clients report feeling relaxed and rejuvenated! Women also reported feeling better circulation throughout their body. You may also feel more sensual and connected to your pelvis.

No. 6 | Where is your business located and how can someone make an appointment with you?

We are a Mobile V Steam Service and we provide In-Studio Services by appointment only. We host individual sessions by appointment only throughout the week at a private location. We will be moving to a permanent location very soon. To book an appointment, party or class visit our website or call our business line 916.382.2754.

No. 7 | Alright ya’ll, this was SO inspiring and informative. Thank you for taking the time to talk with us. Are there any final thoughts you have for our readers? We hope to bring an awareness to women everywhere that it is okay to love yourself and the best way to show self love is through self care. However, we want to offer a balance to self by connecting with others through womanhood and bonding. Women Empowering Women and Balanced Healthy Lifestyles.


            Revelation 22:2 

2 In the midst of the street of it, and on either side of the river, was there the tree of life, which bare twelve manner of fruits, and yielded her fruit every month: and the leaves of the tree were for the healing of the nations.