Updated: Jul 5, 2018

What type of business is Chai Yok Studios?

Chai Yok Studios is a wellness organization formed by two childhood friends, Kahna & Victoria. Empress is a distributor of DIY V-Steam Kits. Empress also offers individual and group services geared specifically towards natural feminine health, wellness and sisterhood.

What is Chai Yok?

Chai Yok is a term that derived from the Hindi word, “cha,” meaning tea, and an under-used Korean phase, “cha-yak,” or “medicine tea.” Popularized in the late 2000’s by Korean American health spas, the process of vaginal steaming shares commonalities with a traditional Chinese treatment called, “Moxibustion,” which involves incense burning near or directly in the skin during acupuncture.

What are the benefits of Herbal Vaginal Steaming?

Vaginal steaming has been said to aid in a wide variety of ailments, including menstrual cramps, vaginal and urinary infections, blockage, cyst, hemorrhoids, and even infertility! Many advocates claim that vaginal steaming has even aided in circulation and cleansing of the vulva and uterus.

Who can get a V-Steam?

Steaming is a service that Chai Yok Studios offer to both women and men. Known to women as the V-steam, the men’s version of the service is known as an A-steam.

Why isn't it recommended that women with an Intrauterine Device (IUD) do a V-Steam? It is not recommended for women with any kind of IUD to steam because the medicinal properties of the herbs are intended to cause the uterus to contract and shed its lining. When an IUD is present, the risk is that this could cause the uterine tissue to shed or contract in such a way that it could dislodge, shift or expel the IUD. With that said, some women with IUDs have tried the V-Steam and have reported great results, including reduced cramps during menstruation. However, Empress does not advocate for steaming with an IUD, and doing so is at your own risk. You may want to talk to your OB/GYN for his or her thoughts on V-steaming with an IUD.

What does a V-steam/A-steam include?

Both the V & the A Steam include all natural herbal mixtures, with an ailment emphasis; relief from fibroids for example, that is then added to calculated temperatures of high Alkaline water and introduced to the outside surface area of the skin near and or around the vagina, genitals and or anus, by way of direct steam.

Does a V-Steam/A-Steam hurt?

Generally speaking, steaming is a painless process that is meant to soothe and relax our clients, however, any process/treatment involving high temperatures of water or direct steam has the potential to cause pain, irritation and or discomfort. (PLEASE SEE OUR FULL LIST OF DISCLOSURES TO DETERMINE IF YOUR BODY IS READY & OR RECEPTIVE TO OUR PROCESS AND OR HERBAL MIXTURES)

What should I bring/wear to my appointment/class?

Bring your legal identification, positive energy, and an open mind! We encourage a two piece ensemble as guest should plan to undress - privately, from the waist down (an insulated wrap and comfortable socks/slippers will be provided as a part of your service).

How do I find out about services/book an appointment/enroll in a class?

All of our services are listed on our online website at , where you can also book your individual/group/class service. Want to talk to a real person? Contact us directly at 916-382-2754.


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